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Home Emergency Cover for holiday let properties

Home Emergency Cover for holiday lets

26 October 2022

With holiday let properties carrying an increased risk of damage, home emergency cover is a popular choice for owners that can’t be there 24/7 to monitor the condition of their investment.  It’s a double edged sword – if your property has a high occupancy rate, then the opportunity for maintenance tasks reduces. If your property […]

Legal expenses cover for holiday lets

Legal expenses cover for holiday lets

5 October 2022

Holiday let properties offer smart investors the opportunity to grow their wealth, and entrepreneurs the ability to be their own bosses. But becoming a successful holiday property investor can come with a steep learning curve. Away from the property design and development aspects of the business that so often entice owners into the market, there […]

4 Reasons to Invest in more Holiday Let Properties

24 August 2022

The popularity of staycations has been on the rise in the UK for years. These holidays are a great way for Brits to see more of the UK, but also help support local tourism and provide a boost to the economy. And as long as this trend continues, there is a massive benefit for buy-to-let […]

4 Essential Online Marketing Tips for your Holiday Let Business

11 July 2022

A carefully planned marketing strategy is an essential area to work through when starting a holiday rental business. It will ensure that your property is placed in front of the correct target audience and create more opportunities for guests to discover and book your home. There are many ways to optimise your online presence without […]

Holiday Let Insurance Guide 2022

2 July 2022

For holiday let owners, getting to grips with the business elements of renting out your holiday property can be a daunting task. From insurance to sales agents, cleaning and maintenance, to the business financials, there’s often a lot to consider and work through. In this article, we guide you through the insurance aspects of holiday […]

Public liability insurance for holiday let owners  – 5 providers for 2022

14 March 2022

Public liability insurance protects holiday let owners from legal costs and compensation resulting from accidents that guests may have whilst on your property. Whether it’s an electric shock, a trip or slip, or poolside injury; regardless of the incident the results can be just as catastrophic to both the guest and the property owner. It […]

Holiday Let FAQ

Holiday Lets FAQs

22 November 2021

Key facts and FAQs about our Holiday Lets insurance. Specialist buildings and contents insurance designed to protect your holiday property when occupied by paying and non-paying guests.

Holiday Lets About

Holiday Lets holiday let insurance – what does it cover?

22 November 2021

Holiday let insurance covers scenarios that standard buildings and contents insurance won't cover when renting your property on a short-term commercial basis. Find out what's included.